The Tragic Murder of The Jordanian Pilot

This is mainly a message to Arab readers from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, etc.. 

Moreover, it also includes points that I feel the rest of the world should read, and take these words into consideration whether from Japan to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, etc…

I ask all those sharing the pictures and video of the moment of the Jordanian Pilot’s, Moath Al-Kasasba, death, to stop posting them. That is not an image to share. That is not an okay image to look at and share. Where is the Humanity? How is looking at such things okay now? Let alone sharing them? Please remove all the pictures and videos which show him burning. You need to pray for him and pray that this situation stops.

“استرو من فالأرض يستركم من فالسماء “

Translates to: “cover for those on the earth, so God will cover for you in the skies”

Also, DO NOT compare any hostages to the other. Each one has a case, each one deserves compassion. Whether some are released or not, is not the people’s fault, it’s the governments’ fault. So do not think for a second its okay to be-little such a death because we have our own soldiers kidnapped. This is by far the worst kind of killing done by ISIS, hopefully no one has to go through it again and we put a stop to all this terrorism. Please pray for all those that were killed, and those who are still alive but are captured by ISIS and other terrorist groups. Everyone deserves our compassion and our prayers. This is not a competition to call out who has more hostages and where. This is the kind of ignorance that led to the creation of the likes of ISIS. Think of each other, pray for each other, and work together to better this corrupted world.

I apologize for the “unprofessional” rambling on my behalf. I am new to the blogging world, but I wanted to share my thoughts with the world.

The ramblings of Dina Tarhini